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The Biology and Life Forms, But What Are We Missing?

Biology is a wonderful educating and fun subject. Animals of all descriptions and plants, some of which most have never heard of, are all great to examine in minute detail. The tiny nerve cells in small mammals, the unborn baby inside a dogfish, and the mechanical trigger that releases fern spawn into the atmosphere to fertilise another fern far in the distant are great topics for study. But these things don’t work by themselves because there has to be something driving them.

What makes an animal into a mother, what drives them to mate on time so the offspring are born in spring? Why do bird fly thousands of miles from one place to another to breed and then back again to winter? Why do salmon always return to the river in which they were spawned to spawn again?

The why’s are never-ending and eventually they end up at the last question which no one can answer. What is it all for? What is life and why has it taken billions of years to reach the stage where we are now? What happens to us when we die? What happens when we kill off the planet through the pollution and other things that are bringing it to an end?

In our eyes the world is a beautiful place so why should it end? Is this what has happened to planets in the solar system like Mars, which scientists believe once supported life.

For humans who are so curious that every question needs an answer, even if it is a made up one, they have never figured out the one substance beyond our reach – the Spirit of the Universe. It is something I know about because of my reincarnation and knowledge that everyone returns from the dead until we reach a point where only those who are linked to the Spirit are important. I believe that is where we are now.

This is the thing missing from research into life. Too many readily accept that death is all there is but that makes no sense in a world where everything gets recycled.

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