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Coach Carter and His Hope For Better Education

Achieving one’s goal requires patience, perseverance, and determination. If you have all these, you would likely succeed. Coach Carter is a man who has inspired millions of people to give better notice of their education. In his mind set education should be the number one priority to everyone. Coach Carter studied in George Fox University. He went back to his old school and became a basketball coach.

His team became one of the most fierce high school basketball team in 1999. He lead his team to win national and state high school basketball leagues until one day he realizes that some of his players were failing their classes because of spending more time playing basketball than studying. In spite of their team’s success, Coach Carter had decided to cancel their season games and lock their basketball gym from his players and have them locked up in the library to spend more time studying than playing.

This raised an issue between the parents and the school management, which then caught the media’s attention. Despite of all the parent’s protests Coach Carter continued with his goal to teach the young ones to set their study as their number one priority. He did not open up the gym until all his players’ marks reached 2.3 grade point average. Before this action their team has a record of 13-0 but after discovering that his players are skipping class to practice he made his unorthodox method of discipline.

When his players’ grade went up high, they resumed practice and eventually start winning again but this time having a great balance in between work and study. Coach Carter’s support for better education did not stop there. He’s still promoting better educational facilities for underfunded schools and has dedicated his life for this cause.

He is now opening his own school at Kendrik Street Marlin; his goal is to have 150 boys age’s eight to twelve. He made accommodations for 64 of them to live on campus where he made fully furnished dorm that has its own laundry machine and kitchen.

He is now planning to have these children study, do their homework and engage themselves into sports for twelve hours in a day. He believes that nothing is impossible for the children you just need to set a high goal for them to reach.

Coach Carter’s life story has become popular because of his vision and has attracted the movie industry. The lead part of the movie was played by the great Samuel L. Jackson. It was directed by Thomas Carter. Coach Carter is a very inspiring film and has become a huge hit in the United States garnering $67 million total gross when it was shown 2005. The movie won several awards including best director award at Black Reel Awards, Outstanding Achievement in Directing by Black Movie Awards, Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture award for Jackson by Image Awards and Best Female Breakthrough award for Ashanti by MTV Movie Awards; though Ashanti did not win she was nominated.

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